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This site is a community resource for Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn set up by the BayBurnLife editor. It is intended to publicise activities in the villages of Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn, and to provide links to other local websites and to organisations that may not have their own. Comments may be sent to bayburnlifeeditor@hotmail.com or via the submit comment facility on the ‘About’ page. In particular the site aims to support activities of  local community groups including the Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn Residents Association. It also includes a page on St John’s Church, Helen’s Bay.

Contact: bayburnlifeeditor@hotmail.com

Website established October 2011

Main Street, Crawfordsburn, in the early Twentieth Century

Helen’s Bay Railway Station, in the 1930s; the original painting by Norman Whitla may be seen at the North Down Museum, Bangor - www.northdown.gov.uk/heritage

News: (updated at 2 January 2018)

The Christmas Eve Charity Swim at Helen’s Bay Beach was a huge success, with a record participation of well over 100. Records sums have been raised for this year’s two charities - Shelterbox and Belfast Street Pastors. See the Youtube film on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBzq8vrzw2s.

The History of Palace Barracks (to 1969) and Holywood as a Garrison Town, the latest book in Robin Masefield’s trilogy of North Down history, is on sale for  £10 at the Spar, Bay Wines, and Stewart Millers, or rmasefield@hotmail.com.  

The Village Plan updating consultation continues, with the surveys returned by 6 December.  Thanks to all who attended the public meeting at on 22 November. Thanks also to those who came out on the 25th to help clear the Turning Circle; the next Umuganda Session is at 10.30am on Saturday 27 January.

To join James Megaw’s Bayburn Fitness Sessions,  ring him on 07793 470324.

Grey Point Fort is open in winter on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm.  

Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn Residents Association’s secretary, Robin Masefield, is on 07966 589091 or at   Subscriptions of just £5 per household are welcome to Robin. The current edition of the BayBurn Life is on the Gallery page.

The Council has published a World War Trail round the Borough. Copies are widely available, as is a community guide to Redburn Country Park.

See also local interest notices which are on the Community Notice-board at Helen’s Bay Station. Information about events in the Holywood area is at www.holywoodhub.org and the linked Calendar and Hub Facebook page.

This website also has a PDF version of ‘Twixt Bay and Burn’  a history of Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn published in late 2011 by the Bayburn Historical Society.

Now on sale at local outlets for £10.

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