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This page has links first to the latest edition of the BayBurn Life, a free newsletter for Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn. Click on the first link below to access the autumn/winter 2017 edition.  Second is the 2013 Helen’s Bay and Crawfordsburn Residents Association’s Integrated Village Plan. Third is a PDF copy  of the Bayburn Historical Society’s publication “Twixt Bay and Burn”.  This version, from which all the photographs have been removed, may be printed without charge. As nearly all the 1500 printed copies of the book have  now been sold, the Society have kindly agreed to placing it on this site to make it widely accessible.

The following page contains some local photographs. The gallery is refreshed regularly.


 To open the PDF copy of “Twixt Bay and Burn”, (without the photographs) - click on the red lines below

Published by the Bayburn Historical Society in November 2011

File: C:\Users\Masefield\Desktop\BBL temp\Bayburn Life Issue 28 final.pdf


File: C:\Users\Masefield\Desktop\BBL temp\Bayburn Life Issue 29finalfinal.pdf